Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors, What use is there for them?

The simple definition of alloy wheel rim protectors is a strip of tough flexible rubber or plastic material that is fitted around the edge of an alloy wheel rim. In order to make them fit firmly, some of these protectors may need to be slotted between the tyre and the wheel.

However, some are designed with self-adhesive capabilities, making them stick over the wheel edge without requiring much effort.

How They Work

As their name suggests, alloy wheel protectors are designed to offer protection on the rims or edges of your alloy wheels. They either achieve this purpose by completely covering the edges or offering a slight protrusion that absorbs the shock of any kerb contact.

This ensures that if the kerb is accidentally scraped, the alloy wheels remain intact and what bears the brunt is instead their protector.

It is for this very purpose of preventing unforeseen damages to your alloy wheels that these protectors are considered a functional part of the wheel.

However, it is important to note that their effectiveness is only to the extent of the magnitude of scratches and scrapes. The higher the impact, the less protective they are.

It is also important to note that the choice of these wheel protectors goes a long way in determining their suitability and effectiveness.

While those that need slotting in between the wheels and the tyres have proven to be fairly effective in protecting the alloy wheels, the self-adhesive varieties have not received very positive feedback, with most users claiming the strips often come off while driving.



Choosing The Best Alloy Wheel Protectors

First and foremost, the choice of color matters and these protectors come in a range of colors to meet all tastes and preferences. Black is a common favorite among many users as it does not only blend with most colors but it also creates an illusion of larger size in the tyre, thereby adding a hostile look to your wheel. On the other hand, silver color makes the alloy wheel look wider.

When it comes to the material that the protectors are made of, we basically have two types namely; the tough nylon protectors and the self-adhesive rim protectors. The tough nylon protectors function by fitting between the tyre and the alloy wheel.

They are more expensive to buy and the fact that their fitting may require professional hand only adds to their overall installation cost. However, they are fairly durable than the other types; a fact that makes them cost-efficient in the long run.

On the other hand, the self-adhesive rim protectors are designed to stick over the edges of the alloys and as expected, they are cheaper and can be fitted in simple DIY-procedures. However, the very fact that they are made of rubber means they do not absorb as much damage as their tough nylon counterparts.

Be that as it may, they have one interesting advantage in that they come in different designs that match the different shapes of tyres. There are those designed for flat rims, some for round rims and others for curved rims.


As is evidenced from the above, the question as to whether alloy wheel rim protectors work or not largely depends on your choice of wheel protector.


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